Netflix’s “The Punisher” release date has been revealed along with a new trailer 

Early this morning, we were hit with a surprise. Netflix released a new trailer for “The Punisher” but at the end of the trailer it was revealed that the series will arrive November 17th, the same day as “Justice League” arrives in theaters. So I think it’s safe to say, many of us will disappear on Friday and emerge Monday morning for work.

The series will follow Frank Castle (John Bernthal) as he attempts to stay alive after his military past comes back to haunt him in a deadly way way due to a top secret mission no longer remaining secret. Castle is the only loose end left and now must fight his old unit to survive.

The cast of “The Punisher” were originally going to make an appearance at New York Comic-Con but, due to the tragic event in Las Vegas they pulled out fearing it would come off as incensitive due to Castle’s use of guns in the series.

“The Punisher” is available on Netflix November 17th.

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