The first trailer has been released for “Maze Runner: The Death Cure”

After a horrible injury suffered on set by Dylan O’Brien, our first look at The Death Cure has arrived.

The third installment in the YA franchise picks up after the group of kids have figured out the maze. After escaping the maze in the second film, they must now figure out what to do next. Do they go back to a place they escaped from? Or do they move on with their lives?

In comparison to another YA film adaptation and arguably the most successful one, “The Hunger Games” beat out Maze Runner by a lot at the box office.

The Maze Runner- $348.3 million

Scortch Trials- $312.3 million

The Hunger Games- $694.4 million

Catching Fire- $865 million

Mocking Jay Part 1- $755.4 million

Mocking Jay Part 2- $653.4 million

We’ll have to wait January 26th, 2018 to see what the box office will be for the third installment of the franchise. In terms of the YA genre, there is Divergent and then theres Hunger Games. Which one will “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” end being? We will know soon!

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