A film based on “The Black Panthers” is on the way

Photo by: Leah Mills, The Chronicle

As a country, America has a civil rights culture that goes back farther than when some of our readers were born. With so much time, there are so many stories to be told. It appears that Elaine Brown is looking to tell her story.

According DEADLINE, “A Taste Of Power: A Black Woman’s Story” is about the first and only woman to run The Black Panthers from 1974-1977 while Heuy P. Newton (co-founder) was in exile in Cuba. While in the Panthers, Brown worked as editor of their publication and dedicated her time to include objectives that related to Black women into the platform.

Brown’s book was acquired by The Firm, who are currently in negotiations with a writer to adapt the book, that will later be produced by Robbie Brenner. Renner produced “Dallas Buyers Club” which received 3 Oscars and starred Jared Leto, Mathew McConaughey, and Jennifer Garner.

Along with the news, Brenner released a statement in regards to the upcoming project.

“Elaine is a revolutionary. We are so thrilled to work with such an extroidinary woman and, after getting to know Elaine personally, I am deeply humbled to have the opportunity to bring her inspirational story to the big screen”

This is not the first time a Black Panther story has been told by Hollywood. In 1995, “Panther” directed by Mario Van Peebles was released.

“A Heuy P. Newton Story” a one man show directed by Spike Lee starring Roger Smith as Newton

In “Night Catches Us” Anthony Mackie starred as an ex Black Panther that returns to Philadelphia for his fathers funeral and must deal with old friends that believe he is responsible for the death. While back in the city of brotherly love, he rekindles his relationship with an old friend played by Kerry Washington.

This story should be visually a nice breathe of fresh air. Although praise has always been given to those who dedicated their lives towards equality. Often, the women of the movement and their importance is over looked. Which has lead to them unintentionally being pushed into the background. The Black women of the moment posses untapped knowledge that is necessary to uncover in these politically frustrating times.

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